Project Introduction

BattleSteam is a free third-person multiplayer shooter in which you have to fight on moving platforms with the possibility of construction. The game takes place in different eras.
Fight the enemy by fortifying your platform with various survival blocks, create an indestructible fortress and knock the enemy off the platform.
In BattleSteam you will fight on dynamic platforms, in a 3 on 3 team, purchase equipment and jump onto the platform. Come back and replenish the stock, may the strongest win!
The game was created for fast PVP battles, where everything depends on your skills, experience and team actions. Use a wide range of weapons with various characteristics and visual design. You constantly have to choose the moments for the attack, what to get during the breaks, where to put the block to reflect the defense. Come up with your tactics to defeat the enemy.

About Developer

1 developer and community manager. Many many servers and ambitious plans.