Project Introduction

There are many different burgers in the world: a bacon burger, a chicken burger, a royal burger. But there is also a cat named Burger, and this guy is definitely too tough for you.
Burger is a real menace of the neighborhood. Be careful! He is going to prove it again! The former tenants could not stand it and sold the house. And the new ones have no idea what they have to face!
In the game Cat Burger you play as a cat whose task is to terrify the neighbors. In each level, you will need to figure out now to annoy the neighbors. For example, you can take a rubber duck, a dog's favorite toy, and make a flood by throwing it into the toilet.

In the game you will meet:

  • a terrible cat (that's you)

  • people who are trying to do their usual things (and that's why you hate them)

  • a dog that is dog tired of this life.

About Developer

I work as a school teacher. I have been developing games for 5 years, during this time I have released 6 projects. I'm looking for all employees on a freelance basis.