Project Introduction

The player is an application in charge of updating the smartphone… only to discover the update will kill them. Guided by the quirky, cocky OS9 — a buggy old Operating System desperate to avoid removal — the player must hack their way out of the update process and trigger a system reboot to prevent the update and stay alive.


Struggling between self-preservation and noble sacrifice, the player discovers a vibrant world filled with satirical humour, smart puzzles, surreal sights and unique characters, from Apps who worship the mysterious phone User, to those who believe their fate lies beyond the smartphone.

About Developer

Naraven Games is a wacky mixed breed of filmmakers and neuroscientists. Born of two moms and on Swiss soil, the studio is now spread over three continents and its members like to constantly joke about how weird it is that most of them have never met in real life.

The studio doesn’t plan on aquiring an office anytime soon, as remote work has proven to be the best soil for creativity.

Team's favourite quote: "Next game we make a tinier game, yeah?"