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In Astral you will experience the story of Michael – an ordinary young man whose life changes in one moment when his girlfriend Alice falls into a coma after performing some dangerous mysterious ritual. The only choice that you have is to repeat the ritual that sends you to Astral – a parallel world, inhabited by spirits from different worlds of the universe, to find Alice and bring her home.

Watch closely!

  • When you are facing enemies in Astral, you will only have a split second to make a decision. Each enemy can be hit only by projectiles of a certain color but be careful! By choosing a certain color, you yourself become vulnerable to it.

  • Do you think you will easily get used to it? You better hold your revolver tight, cause hell, yeah, some enemies are going to mess with the rules!

  • You need to be fast as you can – you have only 5 minutes to reach the next checkpoint!

  • If you strive for a real challenge – choose a higher difficulty, therefore if you die – the game is over. Just like in classic roguelike games.

Explore the world

  • Every location that you go to together with Michael tells you its own story.

  • Talk to characters, pay attention to details to learn more about the history of both Astral and the real world.

  • On your way, you will meet unique characters, each with their own skeletons in their closet. Stay sharp!

  • Bosses – they are not just powerful creatures in Astral, but creatures with a unique personality and their own tragedies. Killing them will affect not only Michael himself but also the world he lives in.

Everything comes with a price!

  • Throughout the journey, Michael will gain new powers and abilities, some of which might release Michael’s dark side. Choose wisely!

  • The story depends on the choices you’ve made. Play the way you like it, but keep in mind, that this might affect the ending that you will get.

About Developer

We are a young indie game dev team from Russia. 8 enthusiasts who work at ordinary jobs in the daytime, but at night we are saving the world by making games) We are passionate about what we do and do our best to make game dev our full-time job. We don’t make garbage. At least trying not to.

It’s only 8 of us in the team but we are planning to expand, as we gain experience and form our distinctive style. And someday, with enough skills and resources, we will create a "dream game".

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