Ash of Gods: The Way — это пошаговая тактическая карточная игра с обманчиво простым геймплеем и уникальные правилами и событиями для каждой битвы.

В игре доступно 6 фракций, каждая из которых имеет дополняющие друг друга навыки и уникальную колоду поддержки с предметами и заклинаниями. Экспериментируйте с колодой, чтобы создать оригнальную стратегию.

Текущий билд представляет собой вертикальный срез игры. На данный момент только 5 из 12 боев имеют оригинальный сценарий.

Project Introduction

Ash of Gods: The Way is a turn-based tactical card game with decisively simple and engaging gameplay which easy to learn but hard to master. Every battle here has unique rules and scripted events to challenge a player.

There are six factions in the game, each one with a great deal of complementary skills and a unique support deck with items and spells. Mix them up to create an original strategy.

Current build is a vertical slice of the game. Keep in mind, there are only 5 out of 12 fights scripted yet in the current build, though.

About Developer

AurumDust was founded in 2016 to develop Ash of Gods: Redemption, the very first game in Ash of Gods universe. Team working remotely from Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus.

Since 2016, we managed to release a big turn-based RPG Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch) and a mobile tactical game Ash of Gods: Tactics (iOS, Android). Also, we created a demo version of Ash of Gods: Arena for Steam Summer Festival and working on Ash of Gods: The Way since the end of 2020.