Project Introduction

Special Agent ASCIILL goes to an alien temple full of traps. Powerful electromagnetic emission blocks the video signal, so all information has to be transmitted as alphanumeric characters.

In these difficult conditions Agent ASCIILL will have to fulfill B.O.S.S.’ orders: plunder the treasures, destroy alien beasts and disable the security system.

As you progress through the levels, you start realizing that B.O.S.S. is not what he seems to be and Agent ASCIILL and Earth are just pawns in the game of huge powers of the Universe. But any pawn can eventually become a queen.

Mechanics of the movement. Pay attention to numbers when choosing your route. A figure in the cell indicates the number of traps around it. The position of the traps and treasures is randomly generated each time.


  • Nonlinear levels

  • Procedural generation of traps and treasures

  • Alien creatures that feel quite at home on Earth

  • TNT and grenades for the abovementioned creatures

  • Underwater brawls and rumbles in waterfalls

  • Razor-sharp plot twists

About Developer

I am a solo indie developer. The first commercial game was made by me more than 20 years ago. About 40 games were made since that time. Most of them are casual games. But in the last several years I switched on old-school retro game style as a solo indie developer. I am from Siberia but live in different countries: Lithuania, Andorra, etc.