Project Introduction



Singleplayer slasher project, with no open world and core on gameplay and story.


Just imagine - bastard child of Devil May Cry and Ace Combat, with adding some pinch of "Magicka" on top. Imagine? And now carefully add folk-rock music to this chemical potion.

The resulting chemical explosion was named by "Arena Of the New World".

From all main features that game haves,  there three hot chilli, who gave the flame to the whole project:

  • Air Magic Drive: " High speed vertical battles on swords,  with specific lighten magic system from "Magicka."

  • Drive time itself: "Create copies of yourself, creating an alternate reality to change the environment and the story by itself."

  • And story drive, time and magic: "Save the life of a boss, change your reality in a different time and space, as only You wish."

About Developer

Life is a fire. Sometimes she burns, but on other side, give warm and hope. But what is this "flame" is just an illusion of our mind?

Asking a similar question, I decided to write one small story, and after showing it to a public, the story began to grow...into game. It start from a desire to give a person more immersion in to the story and world, but later, some "hot chili" goes to game, give to it, more speed, dynamics and freedom in the gameplay.

The longer the development went on, the more people were involved in its creation. Now our team consists of 9 people and we are burning with the desire to make one of the best slashers, with an excellent history and combat system, and our flame is not illusion and it will not fade until the project is will be done.