Project Introduction

An open world single player survival game based
on real life survival strategies
as seen on popular survival TV documents, movies or books.

Main Feature:
Survival is based on exhaustion expressed as calories -
player has to use for movement and crafting.
Calories can be replenished by various real survival strategies.

Other special features:
- fully designed realistic environment including ocean tide impact on beach day cycle
- both character hands are fully functional for interaction, combat and crafting
- innovative crafting based on both hands usage
- distributed smart loot economy

About Developer

I am a solo developer from Slovak Republic

Liked the Games since mid 1980 on 8 bit computers. Finally can make games thanks to Unreal Engine and have players enjoy them.

Made a lo of unofficial community work on games DayZ and Arma3 - such as running servers, events for community, roleplaying, helping streamers with content. Scripted "Battle Royale" script on Arma3 to be able to play game with bots, when poplar BR mod on Arma3 lost players due H1Z1.

In 2018 I have decided to make my own survival game - that will be really hard, more realistic and started to learn UE4. Released game prototype in late 2018 and to early access in October 2019.

Currently finishing the game by adding last content and heading towards optimization and Beta.

The whole project was financed by me and from game sales for 4 years.