Anomaly Hunter

Hook Games

Anomaly Hunter

Main Idea

Sci-Fi hidden object puzzler about time-travelling detective

Main Description

Anomaly Hunter – sci-fi hidden object game with unique puzzle and time-traveling mechanics.

In the age of time-travelling machines, that’s obvious that somebody will mess up – play as detective, who must fix time anomalies and find the guest of honor.
Meet King Arthur, alien mutants and communist dictator – all in a single game. Control time, discover worlds, destroy civilizations just by… CLICKING! Hidden object power!

•  Well-designed plot with various characters, plot twists and funny dialogues;
•  11 original locations from different times and planets;
•  Time-traveling mechanics that affect locations;
•  The unique detailed visual style;
•  Gazillion of Easter eggs, most of them you won’t find anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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About Developer

Hello, my name is Nestor, I'm CEO & Founder of Hook Games studio. I've started building team in Oct 2020, worked on multiple sudoku-like puzzles first. Anomaly Hunter is developed by 5 people - Vlad (game director), Anna (artist/animator), Yara (artist), Slava (marketing), Nestor (producer & developer).