Against the Moon

Code Heretic

Main Idea

Deck-builder with roguelike elements

Main Description

Featuring a bleak post-apocalyptic setting, Against The Moon mixes elements of popular trading card games like Slay the Spire, Hand of Fate and Talisman to create an epic strategy experience with a thrilling plot and unique visual style.

Having lost control of the planet to weird beasts of their own creation, humanity’s last survivors took refuge in an ancient citadel. Now the superhuman Ultori represent mankind’s last hope. Lead a squad of powerful Ultori to defeat the Furos, the nightmare creatures of the Moon, and restore humanity as the rightful rulers of Earth.

Craft your own deck, upgrade your cards and level up your characters to combat bizarre and dangerous opponents. Crush enemy bosses, build your forces and gather the resources you need to challenge the Moon itself!

About Developer

We have a small team of 13 people, and we all work remotely.

The idea of confrontation with the chthonic monster of planetary scale was born while we were locked in a small house on the outskirts of the forest without Internet.

At the very beginning of the project we decided to gather the team in a rented house. We were going to play board games, get to know each other better and work especially hard on the project. But we didn't account for one crucial thing, the house had no Internet.

At first, it seemed like a total failure. How can we work on a game without assets, references and downloaded code, but a couple of hours of persistent attempts to cope with the problem led to unexpected results. Programmers, who took the hardest blow, united and began to help each other. Artists stopped relying on references and fully relied on their own imagination. The whole team rallied together and worked hard for the whole week. At that moment, we were only connected with civilization by a machine that delivered food once a day. At that moment we ourselves became residents of Arx, the last human city on a beautiful but very dangerous planet. Together we stood up to loneliness and depression, an ancient monster with infinite power.

Such trips became our tradition and repeat several times a year. They helped us to build a setting, create a unique visual style and card progression system. All of this we presented as a finished project at the Devgamm 2019 exhibition.