Project Introduction

FPS with very dynamic combat
Coop, gather your team to beat all the upcoming challenges!
Roguelite mechanics: randomly generated maps, skills, items, weapons, and enemies
Character progression tree: build up your character to vanquish the enemies!
Over 100 items to collect during the game (active and passive)
Dozens of guns and other types of weapons
Enemies: basic, elite, mini-bosses, and more!
Bosses: enormous bosses with unique gameplay!
Merchants: find and use the services of your friend and buy some upgrades during the run
Obelisks: temporarily increase your power when you're in trouble
Special Rooms: arcade rooms, treasure rooms, secret rooms, arenas, and more!

About Developer

We are a two-person team located in Cracow, Poland. We've been working on other games in the past, but once we came up with AFTERBLAST, we felt that this is what we want to spend the next few years on.