Adventure Path


Archaeologist Richard and his wife Leah travel to different countries and get into amazing adventures!

The first country they leave for is Egypt, full of old mysteries.

The heroes will have to get into the ancient pyramid, avoid the tricky traps and confront the danger face to face to uncover all the secrets of the prehistoric building!

The game is based on the mechanics of connecting tiles. You can either collect the tiles themselves or pour water, break ice, put out fires and perform other unusual tasks. Passing the next level, players receive stars that are spent on revealing the next unexpected twist in the plot.

An explosive combination of rich core gameplay and addictive metagame will allow nobody to stay indifferent!

About Developer

We are a small game studio from Chelyabinsk.
Making games that bring joy is our favorite thing to do!
We have been making games for several years now and have released a number of hits in Russian social networks, such as Flower Story, Word Tower: The Frog's Journey.
We started with just a couple of people in the team, and then gradually grew.
Now we have a cool in-house team, and we are fueled by the desire to make awesome and successful games people love to play.