Project Introduction


A Wake Inn: Rebooked is a redesigned and extended version of A Wake Inn VR built specifically for the PC. It includes new quests, locations, additional endings, rebuilt fighting and sneaking system, fully animated enemies, and fixed mechanics adapted for PC to provide brand new experience for all players.


  • Traverse the gloomy interiors of the hotel on a wheelchair. Use its immersive HUD, and face inconveniences of inability to walk.

  • Fight or sneak through the army of your deadly mannequin brothers.

  • Collect useful items and manage resources with realistic inventory system

  • Don't be afraid of the dark - the flashlight is your ally. As long as you have batteries...

  • Find notes, objects and items to discover what happened in this place before your emergence

  • Solve environmental puzzles to get through and get out!

  • Explore the art deco style hotel and interact with equipment left by former inhabitants


No man can imagine the diversity of creation. Your odd appearance is a perfect example of this. Wooden, human shaped body, bound to a wheelchair. Mysterious puppet on the stage of the ruined Silver Inn. But your manifestation was foretold - you are the spiritus movens! Explore the darkest corners and face other beings inhabiting this place to find out what your role is in this play. And make it your play.



Open your eyes. Look at the world. You don't remember it, but you know it. You recognize strange mannequins - all in all, you're one of them. But only you got the strange gift of consciousness. Lead by mysterious voices, you need to survive in this unfriendly place. Although you’re bound to a wheelchair, you are not helpless. Use your brain and/or wooden muscles to overcome obstacles, and reveal the past and present of Silver Inn.



During the days of prosperity, it used to be the fanciest place in Tiny Ferry, famous for its silver mines. However, when the deposits became exhausted, merchants and traders stopped visiting the town, Silver Inn has run to ruin. But now, forgotten by God and people, it is the stage of supernatural events. And apparently you are one of them.

About Developer

VRBros. From Kraków, Poland.

Founded in 2019.

We started our VR journey by designing and executing various VR apps for our clients. It helped us to gain the invaluable experience needed for creating our first brand new video game called "A Wake Inn" - a horror-mystery story driven fully independent VR game. "A Wake Inn" premiered in February 2021 on Steam.

Now we are working hard on the standalone PC version of our game. It's called "A Wake Inn: Rebooked" and it will be playable with mouse and keyboard. Premiere of our standalone desktop version is planned for 2022.