Indie Cup W’17


Dragon's Games

Main Idea

Unusual mix of an RPG and strategy genres

Main Description

Ether – the magical substance of immense power. It was locked deep inside the planet called Tyran by the ancient gods. Nords – the native habitants of Tyran didn’t even suspected that everything would change soon. Mysterious invaders came to Tyran out of a deep space in their search for the Ether. They wish to become gods themselves, and it’s the Nords’ destiny is to stop them…

– unusual mix of an RPG and strategy genres;

– simple to learn, but hard to master non casual gameplay;

– unique character development and units control systems;

– exciting multiplayer with different mechanics on each map;

– classic RTS or action RPG control schemes for players to choose from;

– can be played comfortably and effective with the gamepad;

– two playable races with dozens different units on each side;

– interesting and deep story with well crafted Tyran lore (after E/A).

About Developer