Indie Cup S’21

Survival Instinct

Wenay Studio

Main Idea

Save your humanity and survive the harsh winter conditions after the solar flare.

Main Description

Survival Instinct is a 2D overhead survival game (TDS) about surviving in perpetual winter.

You are lucky (or not) to survive the most powerful solar flare in history and then plunge headfirst into the permafrost. Will you be able to adapt to the new conditions on Earth, not lose your sanity and retain your humanity?

At the end of 2021 there was a solar flare of such intensity that now its heat is not enough to heat the planet. All electronics malfunctioned, clocks stopped, cars stalled, and an eternal winter of abnormally low temperatures began, resulting in countless deaths and illnesses. The government had fallen, laws were no longer in effect, and a small handful of survivors clung to life at all costs, willing to kill their neighbor for a can of stew or a warm thing.

Key Features

* Make decisions, often hard and irreversible
* Craft anything that will help you survive
* Explore the terrain before you go to bed
* Make sure your character doesn't die of cold, hunger, thirst, or bleeding
* The whole game is based on possible real events

About Developer

A small indie team from Russia, consisting of only 2 people, is working on the game.

Mikhail Filippov is a programmer, game designer.
Kirill Merkushev is a 2D artist, animator.

The game is developed in his spare time from his main work, as a hobby. This is our first experience in relatively large projects. We strive to create our own dream game, the idea of which was born about 8 years ago, but began to come to life only at the beginning of 2021.