Indie Cup W’17

Sayri Adventure

Vidloonnya Reborn

Main Idea

Explore an inconceivable sci-fi world of incredible creatures, lead your tribe to solve puzzles and protect inhabitants from hostile Arys

Main Description

Sayri Adventure is an exploration-puzzle game set in surrealistic sci-fi world. A player should lead its tribe to solve puzzles, protect inhabitants and fight against enemy creatures. The main character is a creature from another world having abilities to create and lead its tribe. The abilities help to protect inhabitants from appeared danger and move forward by solving environmental obstacles. But combinations of inhabitant&rsquos abilities can help to open the ways.

The universe is infinite, but not empty. It’s crowded by many tubes. Worlds are grown around of tubes and keep its twisting around. Sometimes tube gets too long and changes its form what can lead to a collision of worlds and breaking of its core. But this is not the end, unchained worlds create another tube with remained or new worlds grown around and keeping creating its inhabitants.…

Two worlds clashed and pieces of one world smashed around. That brought to the peaceful world K new clever and good creature Sayri and many aggressive Arys. The inhabitants are also mixed in the world K what caused the chaos inside of grown peace.

Feature list:
Exploration adventure game with a puzzler in its core.
Surrealistic, stylized and atmospheric low-poly sci-fi world.
A combination of action, micro-management, and puzzle solving.
Abilities of heroes-creatures help to survive and move forward.
Many locations, levels, creatures and amazing puzzles bring great experience and make sure to go through in one breath.

About Developer

We are team of 4 people making family-friendly exploration-puzzle game Sayri Adventure. We name our company Vidloonnya Reborn, where the first word has Ukrainian roots meaning – “Echo” Our team is distributed over few countries and many cities. We are proud that there are many people ready to support us all over the world, because they love what we do and would like to be a part of our success.