Indie Cup S’21

Mushroom Odyssey

Heatherglade LTD

Main Idea

Idle progress with bottlenecks, amazing graphics and promising setting. Full space 4X gameplay is a piece of cake.

Main Description

Help Cpt. Truffle in his Mushroom Odissey looking for a new (or an old one?..) home.

  • Travel vast space looking for shelter and room to grow.

  • Explore new star systems and galaxies.

  • Colonize suitable habitats and confront opposition from various kingdoms.

  • Mushroomize ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in your way.

  • Choose your own path on your conquest of the Universe.

About Developer

Our team was first composed of nine people and formed for internal company game jam:

- Team Lead.
- 2 artists.
- Animator.
- 3 front-end and 2 back-end developers.

After a game jam the Company decided to put faith in the prototype we created, and our team was reinforced with UX/UI specialist, game designer, another couple of artists and a project manager (think of him as our very own Lt. Fungi to lead the project forward).