Indie Cup S’21

CaTastrophe: Bad Cat Simulator

Stanislav Danshyn

Main Idea

Bad сat simulator.

Main Description

CaTastrophe: Bad Cat Simulator is a game in which you have to run, jump, eat, poop, tear and knock over as many things as possible, poop again, basically, do everything that cats do in the house!

You are the cat that the owners left alone at home. Your goal is to smash rooms, make a mess, destroy priceless items and expensive electronics in order to cause maximum damage to the owner. On the way you will be trapped by dangers like dogs, thorny plants and some household items.

There are many cats, houses, skills and mini games available in the game.

About Developer

The team consists of 2 people.

Stanislav - programming / animation.
Olha - art / design.

This is our first project.