Project Introduction

I present to your court my author's project — a game in which you need to drive sheep, driving a shepherd dog.

The idea was to develop a casual, intuitive mechanics, but at the same time quite original and deep. Through simple actions, without prior training, the player must create a process on the screen similar to how a dog and sheep interact in life.

According to the idea, the challenge should be to master the correct behavior of a thoroughbred shepherd dog, because just chasing sheep like a mediocre mongrel is completely useless. But if you look at the border collie competitions, then even the most professional and gifted dogs face the unpredictability and stubbornness of sheep. It looks exciting and touching when the dog patiently, slowly tries to direct the sheep to the right place, and they turn past at the last moment, depriving her of a chance to win.

About Developer

My name Is Maria Sergeevna Chugunova. I work on the game alone when there are no other things to do, the weather is not very good and I am not lazy.