«А Горюшко вслед собакою…» — это небольшое интерактивное произведение о юной почтальонке, вынужденной во время войны доставлять родным солдат вести с фронта. Вместе с тем и извещения о смерти.

Замысел возник из стихотворения Татьяны Черновской «Стихи о почтальонке». Источником предлагаемых обстоятельств и прототипом героини «Горюшко…» послужили воспоминания реального человека о детстве в деревне недалеко от Ржева, где шли кровопролитные бои.

Нас впечатлила идея вестника, приносящего письма, которые способны разбить человека или же вселить надежду. Эту гнетущую атмосферу мы и постарались передать через визуальную и звуковую составляющие.

Художественное решение вдохновлено детскими рисунками, неоэкспрессионизмом, русским лубком, а также иллюстрациями из книг советских времен. Наше основное стремление — создать интерактивное пространство из образов, зарисовок важных моментов, воспоминаний и мыслей.

Project Introduction

"Grief pursued as a dog..." is a small interactive story of a little postman girl living in a time of WW2, who was forced to deliver not only long-awaited news from the front lines, but also death notifications to the soldiers’ families.

The idea arose from the poem by Tatiana Chernovskaya "Poems About the Postman". The source of the proposed circumstances and the prototype of the heroine "Goryushko..." ("Grief...") were the memories of a real person about childhood in a village near Rzhev, where bloody battles were taking place.

We were impressed by the idea of a messenger, who had been expected as well as feared, cursed and hated, bringing news, which can break a human heart or bring hope. We tried to convey this impression by focusing and accenting on the atmosphere, visual and sound parts.

The artistic solution is inspired by children's drawings, neo-expressionism, Russian popular prints (lubok), as well as illustrations from Soviet-era books. Our main aspiration is to create an interactive space from images, sketches of important moments, memories and thoughts.

About Developer

Our team consists of people with experience in the game industry and directing. Symbolism and deep meaning is the core of our project, for which we deeply research materials on a chosen topic.

In our team:

- Gleb — artist / sound designer
- Maxim — narrative designer / game designer
- Nikolay — programmer / shaderist

The first iteration of the game was made during Ludum Dare 46 (2020), after which we decided to make it better :)

We all live in St. Petersburg and develop the game in our free time.