Project Introduction

Lead troops in tense tactical battles, just you and your brain against the dying world. Manage a mercenary company, scavenge supplies, build an army. Go on a quest! Burn down a village or two...
Comes with a classic 90s fantasy campaign!


- COMMAND your army in battles: Battles play out in real time, but you can play at your own speed, just pause and ponder.
- Plan your STRATEGY outside battles: Manage your army on the world map. Will your troops be well-fed? Will you loot cities to fill your chest?
- Craft YOUR BATTLES: Use the in-game map editor to create your own battles, share them easily with a copy-paste!
- MODDING Support: Create your own units, your own weapons, your own races!
- Inspired by the CLASSICS: Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, FTL, Total War.

About Developer

My name is Arek. I live in Lublin, Poland. I've been making small games since 2008. Started with Flash games, now making real games. I'm the indie stereotype. Solo developer, creating code, art and sound on my own. No publisher involved.
A couple years ago my friends and I created a puzzle game Mars Power Industries, that was my first big published game.

I'm submitting Winter Falling: Battle Tactics.
The project started as a Game of Thrones joke.
When the show ended with a disappointing finale I decided to make a little interactive battle of Winterfell.
People liked that idea!
It's still available to everyone :
So I decided to make a full game out of it.
The end result is a fantasy tactics game set in a Slavic world around 4th century AD.
Currently in Early Access, still a long way to go.