Project Introduction

Where birds Go to Sleep is a richly detailed, fictional Near East-inspired narrative adventure game brought to life with stunning painterly art original voice-acting.

Slip into the subconscious of Cormo, a churlish smuggler-turned-explorer, only ever influencing his actions, never directly assuming control. You will mould him through every sentence you put in his mind… but you might not like what he becomes.

Every one of your choices, no matter how small, is remembered and analyzed, offering you personalised and eye-opening perspectives on your journey. The experimental Insight System will re-contextualise your experience and challenge you to see things in new and exciting ways in-, and hopefully outside of the game as well.

There is no "Mission Failed" - every "No" leads to new opportunities and unique paths to discover.

Reflect on your actions together with the protagonist: experience a range of emotions as you grieve, rejoice, laugh, and regret together - or independently of each other.

Brave the unknowns of the forest, where truth and lies are intertwined and the path forward is uncertain. The provisions are scarce... but the others need them less than you.

About Developer

Our team is comprised of a married, very passionate couple, who are making a truly personal and handcrafted experience. We do everything in our game, the art, music, marketing, writing and even some voiceacting (with only 2 vocal chords, we haven't figured out how NOT to outsource voiceacting just yet!) With just the two of us, our personalities, interests and life experiences translate directly into what we're making, and this is only possible because of our small team size.