Project Introduction

In The Mixer you get to create your own music and then fight to its rhythm. All weapons are made of 5 different music loops and you need to mix-and-match them to define your combat style as well as create the dominant soundtrack of the game. Choose a fast melody for a rapid attack pattern, or pick a slow one to have stronger individual hits.

Master the beat mechanics and figure out the most powerful combinations of items and music to overcome a series of hand-crafted dungeons, each filled with waves of enemies and a boss. There are hundreds of different modifications for you to discover, and all of them make each run unique.

Wield your beat and enter the fracturing mind of a fantasy bard to conquer his rhythmic subconscious and uncover the secrets within!

About Developer

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we’re a tight-knit team of friends and equal-part founders of Cheeky Stork. We’re green, but learning fast – each of us wears a bunch of hats and all of the work on our game is done in-house. We’ve always been fascinated by games that tie in new, experimental mechanics with traditional gameplay systems, and so our goal is to deliver those kinds of unique experiences with our games as well.

We are active members of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association (LGDA) and recently participated in our very first Global Game Jam (GGJ) here in Vilnius. Participating in local events with The Mixer has helped us find a thriving community of game developers right here in our home country and we hope participating in this event will do the same with the broader indie game scene of Central and Eastern Europe!