Project Introduction

The player will follow a serial killer through the eyes of his own conscience. He will become a spectator to his horrific acts of murder and loss of control. You are also confronted with different perceptions and interpretations of the killer's inner world, but he is struggling to understand what is happening around him. You, as the conscience, will have a limited area of control at first, but due to the "right" choices you may (or may not!) make, you will be much freer.

There are three character roles - Conscience, Serial killer character and the Inner Voice, ie. The Whisperer. Each role will in its own way control the game - its mechanics, the main character's actions and direction in the story going forward, while also uncovering specific memories and traumas.

You have the option to decide right or wrong, and thus the serial killer will not be haunted by feelings of lust. However, if you don't help him, the game will become more challenging and thus the battle with your own soul.

Story points to a single endgame. The closer you get to the end, the more people you hurt in the game. If you weaken the main character enough, you will be free to make decisions and thus commit suicide, which equals an alternate ending. However, by doing so you will lose a lot of game content.

The orientation is conditioned by the character's actions under the interaction of pointing and clicking, also it's possible to click on various objects and other game elements, exploring the closed world and its dark corners on Awake and Subconscious visual styles.

- Theme of serial killers and their inner world.
- Very unconventional take on the adventure genre.
- Anxious atmosphere and grim audiovisual style.
- Expressive game content, blood and nudity.
- Three visual styles, that affects the narrative.
- Many optional interaction in environments with various hidden stuff.
- Extensive game time (about 6 hours).

About Developer

I'm a solo developer who enjoys creating worlds and also the idea of players playing these worlds, discovering their magic and hidden corners. I'm still studying at an art college in Brno, Czech Republic, and I'd like to be in the game industry or in art in general my whole life. I admit that I use almost more expressive methods to capture different themes, which is not the exception but the rule with this game.