Project Introduction

Inspired by classic western isometric RPGs (Fallout, Arcanum, Bloodlines), this is a hardcore role-playing game set in space 20 years post-major conflict over asteroid mining.

Built on classic RPG fundaments:
* Post-apocalyptic space exploration.
* Focus on role-playing (...sometimes to the extreme!).
* It's ok to fail - because there are many ways to solve every problem.
* Completely optional combat.


This is the most important part of the game - you can play whatever character you wish, play however you want to. You can be a smooth talker, sneaky hacker or brawling bully; or something else - it's your choice: distribute the points in character creation and make decisions when playing.

But once the character has been created, be ready for not only abilities but also limitations.

For example, characters with low CHARM value will find that often NPCs won't even talk to them because of how repulsive they are; or speech - if low, that means you are a shy introvert, unable to initiate the dialogue yourself. Lacking computer skills? You accidentally crash terminals when trying to use them. Low tinker? Tools might break in your inept hands. Sometimes even too much is not good - too strong (PHYSICAL) and you cannot squeeze into vents thus unable to make use of some shortcuts. And so on - your character stats will significantly affect your gameplay style.


There are always multiple ways to solve problems (quests), usually tied to your character's skills and abilities - play to your character's strengths, and work around its weaknesses. For example, if you cannot convince someone to help you, hack his computer and blackmail him. Or just straight-up pickpocket the guy - all items are always realistically placed in NPC inventories.

Note: there are usually 3-8 ways to complete a quest in the game. They can trigger related events in the near future or lead to a different ending in the end slides.


Your actions and decisions matter to the game world. Make an enemy, you may need him/her later on. Opt for an easier solution to the current problem and you might have to deal with a bigger problem later. And in the end, you will get a unique game ending showing you the future fate of your character and those who he/she impacted through gameplay.


You have an objective but how you approach it - it's up to you; the game map is as open to you as reasonably possible (it's a stranded spaceship after all) and there is no single true path to the end. If you know where to go, and what to do - you can try to sequence break the game. Combine that with multiple solutions to every quest and you've got the freedom to spare.


You can complete the game without killing anyone. In fact, combat is entirely optional. But if you want to fight - there are no immortal or "essential" NPCs - everyone everywhere has a finite amount of HP and it is fair game.


The game features old-school tactical turn-based combat with grid-based movement, action points and dice rolls. There are special moves and weapon effects that affect the course of the fighting.

About Developer

A team of two, none of us works on the project full-time.