Project Introduction


You were but a simple janitor, now you are the last hope of all humanity! A space station has been swallowed by a black hole. Weird mutants roam the corridors, and even time itself seems to have gone mad around you. Be sneaky or blast your way through the cursed place to find a way home...
Can you save humanity? Or would you rather just save yourself? The choice is yours!

Enemies in the game are all completely distinct from each other, and you will need different tactics against them. Understanding and memorizing the enemy's behavior, special abilities, and weaknesses will be key to survival. You will also have to deal with a variety of environmental factors. Security systems - for example - can be extremely deadly unless you find a way and turn them into allies...

Don't like conflicts? Would you hide in the dark or find a way around your enemy? Or rather go completely mental and attack your opponent with its own flaming body part? The choice is yours, cosmic voyager! RetroSpace allows you to solve situations in many different ways. Total avoidance is as legit as a diversion, trap setting, or full-on balls-to-the-wall action.

Aurora 5 is a massively interconnected and open space, that you are free to explore. As you discover new and new areas, shortcuts, and secret paths will open up to previously visited locations. All of this can be accessed through a (mostly) peaceful central HUB area, where you can return anytime when you can't take the madness and horror longer.

Mutamods™ can make your life much easier and enhance your combat and stealth skills. Want to become a tentacle-armed, mind-controlling, shadow-lurking mutant? Be our guest. BUT BEARE! Mutamods™ may have unexpected and irreversible side effects...

Death will be an integral part of your journey, but don't worry! Aurora can produce an infinite number of clones of you. There is one little problem though since cloning is never perfect, you should be prepared for some severe cloning degenerations, and of course, it is highly recommended to get your stuff back from your former self.

2177 - Humanity's last hope is the AURORA fleet, a convoy of floating space stations searching for a new home.
On this mission spanning several centuries, humans spend their lives in deep sleep, while robots, androids, and a dedicated team of personnel guard their dreams.
Until one of the gigantic city-ships derailed off its course...
Sucked into a black hole...
And now it drifts in the void, lost in the infinite blackness of space.
Corridors are infested with mutants, systems are jammed, and the ship is constantly jumping back and forth between two time periods.
What is going to happen next? Will the madness ever end?
The Nameless Man is looking for a way out. A way out of the endless loop, the evil void, and the cosmic madness...
This is... RETROSPACE!"

- Narrative-heavy, humorous and dark story - aka "disco-fever space-satire" with a surprising amount of depth and twists.
- Immersive sim elements - choose your way of solving problems and dealing with obstacles. Take advantage of light and shadow, lure enemies into traps, hack turrets, and security stations, find hidden routes, and create diversions.
- Mutations (Mutamods™) are at your disposal to enhance your average stealth-shooter experience with juicy superpowers. BEWARE: With great power comes great responsibility (and unexpected side effects).
- Retro FPS feel with low poly aesthetics, infused with the 60s and 70s retro-futuristic setting and atmosphere.
- Metroidvania-like, interconnected level design, and a meaningful death/rebirth system with a unique twist.

About Developer

The Wild Gentlemen is a Hungarian video game development studio founded in 2018. They are the creators of the multi-award winning noir adventure game Chicken Police. They currently have 20 members and are working on several projects in separate teams. One team within the team is working on RetroSpace.