Project Introduction

The Polylithic is a 3rd person crafting survival set in the paleolithic/neolithic era where the player crafts items, unlocks technology, discovers the world, builds bases, and can either grow the tribe and command the settlement or play the game solo.

The player will be taken through two historical ages which will have specific core gameplay and flavor.
In the first age – The Hunters and Gatherers age – the gameplay will be based on gathering primary resources such as food, wood, bones, furs, hides, etc., to provide basic means to survive the following migration.

In the second age – The farmer's age – the gameplay will be centered on building and growing the player’s tribe and improving the settlement. The player will be encouraged to explore his/her surroundings and grow the base.

About Developer

Polyperfect is an indie game studio, with the intent to create visually stunning games and assets.