Project Introduction

Hear the wisps, seedlings, and wanderers as they travel towards the Great Oak’s voice, a mighty tree shrouded by spirits. Harmony reigns under the Great Oak’s steady presence, until one day the voice goes silent and chaos engulfs the land in its wake.

Embark on a valiant mission to save the Great Oak. Employ the help of a chosen guide, mighty spirits with distinct abilities to aid your hero in battle and journey across a randomly generated world map, with numerous levels, bosses, and events in turn-based encounters to uncover. Discover Aya’s offenisve and quite spiky playstyle, Enju’s miracle cure defenses, and myriad magical spells to ambush enemies or replenish your team’s health during combat.

March onto hexagonal battlegrounds allowing strategic attacks, unit rotations, and calculated moves to turn the battle and conquer enemies. Unlock new cards by defeating foes and fight onward to cleanse the realm from wild spirits, each lost without the Oak’s song and corrupted by a mysterious eclipse. Heal the land by intentionally placing seedlings in key locations to push back and remove the poisonous dusker.

Utilize new branches to push through conflicts, come across randomized events, and gain rewards including wisps and lumi globes capable of upgrading spells and units. Destroy duplicate or unwanted cards to create Lumi Dust and improve unit stats to boost their performance on the battlefield. Hire trailers, wardens, and stalker units to protect the hero’s health and prevent the troupe from falling in battle.

“The whimsical world of Oaken was heavily inspired by Celtic mythology, mixed with a child-like nostalgia from our favorite games growing up,” said Johann Verbroucht, founder and manager at Goblinz Publishing. “We hope players will enjoy the fable-like figurines and folklore-inspired soundtrack, and immerse themselves in the experience!”

“Creating Oaken was a fantastic journey - all our developers play tactical or board games, creating immersive fictional worlds is our passion. We hope Oaken is a good proof of that. ” said Andrzej Wysocki, Founder and Creative Director at Laki Studios. “We put a lot of heart into details and to create artistic experiences for our players.”

About Developer

Indie game company based in Poland, Laki Studios aims to produce artistic and creative gaming experiences that inspire the same feel, fun, and challenge as their favorite board games. They put a high focus on artistic quality and worldbuilding in their games.