Project Introduction

You incarnate a pair of Kæra Scouts embarked on a dangerous investigation mission in the Vestmar kingdom.


You have the power to telekinetically manipulate each other as well as various objects in the game - it's the key to overcoming various obstacles and helping each other. Telekinetic abilities are the core gameplay mechanic in Njorun's Will.

While encountering enemies, you will need to study their tendencies and coordinate your actions to be victorious in fights. Mistakes are costly, resources are limited.

To traverse the locations, you will need to perform high-precision movements and jumps. At times, moving forward won't be possible without scratching the head and solving a puzzle.

About Developer

"quadruped" is a small team of 3 people based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Over the last 10 years, we have acquired the experience of working in such studios as Frogwares, Blackwood Studios, Gunzilla, Pixagon, and Ubisoft.

Njorun's Will is our first independent project.