Project Introduction

Fatherhood uses multiple gameplay mechanics to create a deeper experience of the father-daughter relationship in war.

Fact Sheet:
- Genre : Adventure, War survival
- Audiences : People who interested in atmospheric storybase games
- Mode : Adventure, Stealth
- Platforms : Pc, Xbox,Playstation
- Engine : Unity
- Gameplay length : 190 minutes

• New Style of Survival Genre: Surviving with your Blind Daughter

• Branching Narration Mid-war Story with Survival Mechanics

• Dark, Atmospheric Levels, Theme, and Story

• Combines Two Genres: Survival and Adventure

• Endings and Level Challenges Affected by Player Choices

About Developer

Over 10 years of experience in the game industry developing creative and fun video games.

Our games were nominated or officially selected by some famous international events like LUDICROUS – Zürich Game Festival and Tokyo Game Show.