Project Introduction

Do Not Buy This Game is a Comedy Walk-Sim where the game is being built as you play it!

As you enter the game, the game's creator greets you and delivers the hard truth - the game isn't ready yet.
But don't worry, I'm sure the two of you will be able to figure something out...

The game explores how deep a connection you can create between the player and the game’s creator, only using minimalist game mechanics, humor, and honesty.

About Developer

I've been making games for a long time now.
To be more exact, I programmed my first video game in Visual Basic 6 back in the 4th grade, before I even really knew English.

But when the time came to make my first commercial game, I decided to create something different.
So I came up with Do Not Buy This Game, a comedy game about game development, that tells an all too familiar story about a struggling indie game developer that only wants to create something meaningful and fun for you, the player.