Project Introduction

The game is a stealth turn-based strategy game that's made up of rooms that are individual puzzles.

During gameplay you have to find the correct use of abilities, number of steps, hiding and position of hens.

The player is a vulnerable weasel who must sneak through chicken territory. At the beginning of the game, we learn that the weasel's chickens have kidnapped his friend Frog. So you embark on a quest to rescue her. Along the way, you visit several locations to explore and learn more about the mysterious plans and workings of the chicken empire. You will discover that the hens are controlled by the Science Turkey, who follow him in seeing the birth of the basilisk and taking control of the forest realm.

The game is non-violent, hand ilustrated, cute and we aim to create a cosy evening logic experience. Game is in development from 2021.

About Developer

Fairy Snail Games is a game studio founded by graduates and university students. The studio was founded after a successful GameJam where we won our first game in the visual design category. We regularly show the development of our titles on Twitch, where we share advice with our fan base.

We currently sponsor our development from custom game production.

We want to create logical and non-violent games that provide an enjoyable experience.