Project Introduction

As a cultist worshiping an Eldritch Goal, your goal is to prove your devotion and gain powers until you become strong enough to summon your deity and cause the end of the world.
Blindly serve a dreadful god and lead its cult in a fresh take on the roguelike genre inspired by Pikmin.

Explore the world around your cult and find ways to please your god, convert the locals into followers and master the art of drawing with blood to use powerful rituals. As devotion grows towards your unholy divinity, you get stronger alongside the cult until you finally have the power to summon your god and cause the end of the world.

Preparing rituals is the bread and butter for devoted cultists. Harness the occult powers granted by your deity through bloody ceremonies and sacrifices. By spilling blood while moving, you can draw symbols on the ground and then activate them to invoke your god’s divine powers.

Convert godless into faithful followers and command them to do your god's biddings. They are blinded by faith and ready to lay their life on the line for their god. Command them in battle or bring them with you to explore and solve puzzles while minding how you expend them as they are one of the most precious resource the cult has.

Worship is an exploration driven game set in a grim and enigmatic world full of secrets. Flavorful factions that reacts to your actions and decisions will breathe life in the horrific yet almost cute universe of Worship. The right mix of procedural and handcrafted elements will make each game session different and fun to dive in.

Combat in Worship plays out by combining follower management with rituals, but under pressure. That results in a challenge based on strategy and execution in real time that rewards team play, good follower management and fast thinking.

Summon monuments and structures so that your god may witness your unbound devotion. Grow the cult’s place of worship around the altar into a heretic haven. Increase devotion towards your god to receive unholy blessings and learn powerful new rituals.

About Developer

Chasing Rats Games is a Montreal based indie game studio founded by three passionate game designers. With a team of now 13 talented developers, Chasing Rats develops off-the-wall multiplayer experiences with audacious and remarkable art styles.

Chasing Rats aims to create strong reactions to players with flavorful themes, including the pilgrimage of a screeching pile of flesh and the sacrifices of adorable and funny looking mascots.