Project Introduction

The concept of the game "Unleaving" is a captivating blend of puzzle-platformer gameplay, artistic exploration, and profound philosophical themes. Here's a breakdown of its key elements:

- Narrative Integration: At the beginning we teach basic mechanics, and as the game progresses, rather than treating puzzles as standalone challenges, "Unleaving" intertwines them with the overarching narrative. Each puzzle serves a purpose in advancing the story and is intricately connected to the unique setting of each world within the game. This narrative integration adds depth and context to the puzzles, making them more than just isolated challenges.

- Mechanics: "Unleaving" reimagines the puzzle-platformer genre by melding familiar 2D gameplay mechanics with a unique narrative-driven approach. Unlike typical puzzle games that mechanically progress from one challenge to the next, "Unleaving" integrates its puzzles into the narrative, making them an integral part of the story and each world's distinct setting. While the puzzles maintain a sense of familiarity for genre enthusiasts, they constantly evolve in unexpected ways, ensuring players experience fresh and engaging challenges. "Unleaving" strikes a balance between innovation and tradition, offering a captivating gameplay experience that defies the formulaic nature of many puzzle-platformers while remaining rooted in the genre's core principles.

- Aesthetics : The aesthetics of the game combine different traditional styles and mediums, mainly hand painting in impressionist style, graphite & pencil illustration and animation movement throughout the game. Every frame is a literal painting - the distinct visual style was brought to life with painting-animation techniques involving altering acrylic painting on canvas paper while capturing frames during the painting process. This results in many backgrounds in the game coming alive, breathing subtle changes as the player continues through the story.

About Developer

orangutan matter is a Toronto-based indie game studio bringing together a diverse team passionate about art and innovation. Their vision sees video games as a medium to explore and express the depths of human emotions and vulnerabilities. Their creative process prioritizes organic narrative development, leveraging a variety of perspectives to guide the process rather than controlling it.