Project Introduction

Two Falls is a narrative-driven experience that presents contrasting perspectives on French and Indigenous first encounters. Explore 17th century Canadian wilderness in this 3D linear game and experience the intertwining journeys of Jeanne, a French King’s Daughter stranded far from the French colonies and Maikan, a young Innu hunter trying to uncover what is disturbing his native forest, land of his ancestors.

As you play through Two Falls, you'll uncover the distinct realities and cultures of Jeanne and Maikan, each with their unique perspective on life. With two distinct artistic and musical directions, you'll interpret the events from their points of view and discover that a single event can have vastly different meanings for each character.

Two Falls is a game about Indigenous stories, created in collaboration with Indigenous creative minds. The composer (Eadsé), art director, writer, some actors and 3D artists all come from various Native communities from Canada. We also work with a Council of Elders composed of First Nations members, who advise, guide, and explain which versions of the story they want to put forward.

Will you dare to experience this thrilling and enthralling mystery?

About Developer

Unreliable Narrators is a branch of Affordance Studio. It is an independent Quebec-based video game studio that creates narrative games to give a voice to communities that may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.
Our objective is to provide players with a unique gaming experience that combines compelling narrative storytelling with educational value. Our game Two Falls focuses on the culture and history of indigenous communities, aiming to raise awareness of their stories and struggles while making a positive social impact. Our team is committed to crafting an original story that sheds light on a lesser-known period of Canadian history. We have conducted extensive research to ensure that our representation of indigenous cultures is both respectful and accurate.
For this initial project, a significant portion of our team consists of indigenous members, including the composer and sound designer, art director, voice actors, and story writer. We collaborate closely with an Elder Council and other Indigenous partners to ensure that we respect the Innu culture, their traditions, and their legends. They provide guidance, advice, and insights into the specific versions of the story they wish to emphasize.
Currently, our team fluctuates between 14 and 18 employees, including external consultants working on the project.