Project Introduction

The Last Citadel is a Roguelite, Role-Based, Third-Person shooter. Embark in an expedition to uncover artifacts inside a Citadel suspended above a black hole where many challenges and deadly encounters await. Explore the ever-changing citadel alone, or with a group of up to 4 players.



Face the Citadel's many challenges solo or in a party up to 4 players. On higher difficulties, take on roles like DPS, Healer or Tank to face the brutal encounters that awaits you.


Create your own Loadout by selecting 4 abilities from over 45 abilities as well as your suit and your weapon. During your expedition, build your character up with numerous passives that will change the way you play each run.


Rifles, Lasers, Rocket Launchers and Melee Weapons are all part of the vast arsenal that you will encounter in the Citadel. Upgrading your weapons with unique modifiers and effects to adapt them to your teams' needs will be a crucial part of your success.


With a procedurally generated world, the ever-changing citadel will challenge you with new layouts and encounters each time you explore. With Cursed Weapons, drones to help you out, altars to modify your weapons and more, the Citadel has many secrets for you to discover.

About Developer

Honest Demon is a game studio from Montreal, Canada

We, at Honest Demon, strive to make games that are first and foremost fun to play. We also aim to make our journey in game development as transparent as possible to, not only build trust with our audience, but to help educate the younger generation on the game development process and inspire them to join us in this beautiful career path.