Project Introduction

What makes Fera: The Sundered Tribes special?

Aerial Based Combat and Traversal Mechanics
Our unique take on aerial based combat and traversal systems that has your player flying and grappling around the environment and monsters with an agility unseen in other monster hunting games.

Lead Your Tribe
No game combines the hunting, harvesting, building, and colony management systems the way Fera does. And all of our systems are specifically designed to be enjoyed in multiplayer or single player as well, where your villagers take the place of other players.

Stunning Ghibli-esque Art Style
We’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort into establishing a unique art style and aesthetic that would stand out against the myriad of hyper-realistic games that will be released in the next few years.

About Developer

At Massive Damage Games, we take our “Indie Spirit with Big Vision” motto to heart. Our diverse team of AAA veterans and indie all-stars work passionately and collaboratively to build successful original IP games with innovative gameplay and beautiful worlds.