Project Introduction

- This is a story about feeling stuck - Clam Man, the main character, hates his job and wants to do that *one thing* that'll make him happy. After becoming a standup comedian and performing his first show, he finds that nothing has changed. He still isn't *happy*. This isn't a game where you fight a big bad evil wizard at the end - the only real evil in Clam 2 is Monday; knowing that the weekend will be over, and you'll be back at doing the same thing over and over again until the bitter end. It's a comedy, though. I promise.

- Dubbed "Fishco Elysium" by a few people, Clam 2 is combatless, and every stat instead applies to more mundane and relatable characteristics - no Strength or Constitution, and instead Deadpan, Assertion, Self-Awareness, and Improv; stats that all influence how your character will tell jokes on stage!

- The seven stats (and perks you choose) are used in a number of ways; dialogue options will become visible if your stats are high enough. This goes both ways, however - some options are only available with low enough scores, for example. Beyond static checks, the game also uses dice to determine the outcome of a given situation, and here too, that same design principle applies. Failure is always another path forward - no locking you out of content, no losing out on entire areas, no failstate combat - and it's a question of getting resolution A or B, rather than A or not.

- Finally, this is all just stuff I really like. Clam 2 should feel like a tabletop roleplaying game, in a way - highly reactive, often goofy and funny, and sometimes shockingly genuine. I just want people to have a good time, because none of the characters in the game are.

About Developer

My name's Martin Hanses, and it's just me. I'm making the clams, baby.

I've been in the industry for about 5 years at this point, starting with small titles and freelancing, and eventually writing, directing, and leading narrative for a number of projects. Clam 2 is the first time I've had full funding to do exactly what I want, so I'm trying to make the best of it and make it the best possible game it could be.

I'm originally Finnish, but immigrated to Canada in 2019, moving from Montreal to Vancouver in 2021. I know hardly anyone here, but I like Canada. It's like a nicer version of Finland, but less snow. (in Vancouver, at least).