Project Introduction

Left to his own devices in a surreal world, a boy must find what he is seeking. Take the role of that boy and start your journey in these otherworldly environments.

Chasing the Unseen is a single-player adventure game focused on exploring abstract worlds and climbing colossal creatures.

It features mysterious and beautiful environments as well as giant creatures you will encounter along the way. These massive creatures offer exciting gameplay sequences. Walk and climb on them and use your little parachute to help you out when you fall.

The levels combine fractal geometry and other techniques, creating appealing and maze-like landscapes. Through exploration and climbing, you will need to discover how to get through, but finding your way across can be challenging and disorienting. Depart on a trip in these foreign dream-like environments and discover what this is all about.

Chasing the Unseen is an introspective experience balancing serene and more challenging gameplay. The game is an experience to be immersed in and is not about killing or grinding.

About Developer

I'm Matt, the solo developer behind Chasing the Unseen and the founder of Strange Shift Studio, based in Montreal, Canada. My journey into game development began in 2021 after years of working in the Visual Effects industry as a Creature Technical Director. I've always been passionate about games, and one of my most memorable gaming experiences was scaling the first boss in Shadow of the Colossus. Inspired by that moment and armed with the knowledge I gained from my VFX career, I embarked on the adventure of creating Chasing the Unseen.

As a solo indie developer, I wear multiple hats, handling everything from game design to programming and art. This project is a personal endeavor, driven by my desire to create a unique and immersive gaming experience that draws inspiration from titles like Journey and Shadow of the Colossus.