21 June – 18 August, 2022
Submissions now open

Festival of upcoming indie games made in Germany

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Awards & Prizes

Submissions enter the Official Selection and the Special Competition contests. Finalists are selected by jury over two voting rounds. Winners receive awards and prizes from our partners.

Expert Feedback

Jurors provide feedback for every game qualified as a finalist in their nomination. Developers receive their feedback after the event is over. All feedback is 100% private.

Digital Showcase

Each entry gets a custom page on our website. Participating developers can add links, videos, and text descriptions to their page. And we spotlight exhibiting games on our social media.

This page is also available in Deutsch

Let’s get started

Click Submit to send us your application. If you’re not sure that you qualify, check out our eligibility requirements:

  1. Games not released as of June 14, 2022, are eligible. We don’t count Early Access as a release, so don’t fret if you’re working on your game in public.
  2. Indie games only. What’s an indie game? Who knows! We believe it’s a project by a team that is not owned by another company, have no majority stakeholder, and is able to exercise total control over its direction.
  3. At least one member of the core dev team must reside in Germany or be a German citizen.

You will need to provide a playable build of your game and at least 15 minutes of unedited gameplay footage. That’s it — have fun!

Learn more about our rules and requirements for this season.

Key dates

  • Submission Period
    21 June – 18 July

  • Digital Showcase
    Starting 28 July

  • Jurying I
    22 July – 31 July

  • Jurying II
    3 August – 16 August

  • Finalists Reveal
    9 August

  • Winners Announcement
    18 August

Sponsored by

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Official Selection

Grand Jury Award

For the best overall entry

Open to

All submissions eligible for Germany’22


RTX 3080 by NVIDIA, ticket to the Baltic Dev Days 2023, ticket to the PG Connects, Xsolla services

Jury panel ↓

Rising Star Award

For emerging developers

Open to

Submissions developed by 1-5 developers without a publisher


One month of free PR support by GTP Media, a 3DCoat license by Pligway, ticket to Baltic Dev Days 2023, ticket to Digital Dragons 2023, Xsolla services

Jury panel ↓

Critics’ Choice Award

Selected by experts

Open to

All submissions eligible for Germany’22


Ticket to Baltic Dev Days 2023, ticket to Digital Dragons 2023, Xsolla services

Jury panel ↓

Unreal Engine Award

Selected by UE developers

Open to

Submissions developed with Unreal Engine


RTX 30-series graphics card by Unreal Engine, Xsolla services

Jury panel ↓

The Jury

Germany’22 Jury Panel

Special Competition


Spotlight Award

Open to

Finalists of the Unreal Engine Award


RTX 30-series graphics card by Unreal Engine

Jury panel ↓


Prime Award

Open to

All submissions eligible for Germany’22


$5,000 and Xsolla services. Learn more →

Jury panel ↓


Most Charming Game

Open to

All submissions eligible for Germany’22



Jury panel ↓

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Germany to submit my game? What about other members of my team?

Your game will be eligible for Indie Cup Germany’22 if at least one of the core team members is a German citizen or a permanent German resident.

To be considered a ‘core’ team member, a person must occupy one of the leadership positions, i.e. a game designer, a director, etc.

Do I have to pay to submit my game?

Nope — all events under the Indie Cup Germany’22 moniker are 100% free for all developers.

If you’re wondering how we make money (which is always a good question), we do it by working with sponsors and staying a (very) small team.

Are there any restrictions on team size?

Not really. Indie Cup is open to solo developers, small teams, and bigger independent studios. We don’t have a cap on the maximum team size — however, we reserve the right to disqualify your project if your studio is much larger than the majority of other participating developers.

Can amateur developers submit a project?

Absolutely. Indie Cup is open to both amateur and professional game developers.

Is the jurying process different for mobile games?

No. Germany’22 does not feature separate mobile-only awards. Jury evaluates mobile titles alongside projects built for PC.

Can I submit a VR/AR title?

No, sorry. Reviewing a VR/AR title requires special hardware that we can’t currently guarantee the jury will have.

Can I submit an Early Access title?


Is participating in the Digital Showcase open to everyone?

Yes. Every project qualified for Indie Cup Germany’22 will participate in the Digital Showcase on our website.

Can publishers submit games on behalf of developers?

Yes — with a caveat.

We recognize that developers often start relationships with publishers to offload marketing work. However, Indie Cup is still a developer-focused event. We require all publishers to submit the necessary information to contact the developers if we need to get in touch with them.

Please note that the Rising Star Award category is not open to any developer already working with a publisher.

Can we submit multiple games?

Yeah, go ahead. To submit multiple games, fill out an application for each of them. Please note that we review each application separately. It’s OK if we reject one of your submissions but approve the other.

Is our playable build available to everyone? What about the gameplay video?

Submitted builds are only available to Indie Cup jury and organizers. Submitted gameplay videos will be available to jury members, organizers, and Indie Cup sponsors.

You also have the option to make the build and the gameplay video public.

Will my game receive written jury feedback?

We ask the jury to give feedback for each project nominated in the category they are jurying in. Feedback for entries that did not become finalists is encouraged but not mandatory.

Developers receive jury feedback one week after the season is officially closed.

Can we edit our application after it’s submitted?

Yes, we allow updating your application after submitting it. In that case we review the changes and re-approve your application.

We allow editing the information in your application relevant to your Digital Showcase profile until the end of the Official Selection competition.

How to enter the Special Competition?

All submissions are automatically enrolled into the Special Competition if they satisfy the announced criteria of the categories in the Competition.

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